Remodeling + Renovation

AKG Construction L.P. believes that every homeowner who chooses to remodel their home do it to improve the comfort and utility of their home.  Remodeling can also increase the resale value of our clients homes should they  want to sell it.

AKG Construction L.P. has a thorough understanding of the home remodeling process in order to give our clients the best experience while their home undergoes remodeling.


Our renovation services include:

bathroom remodeling

kitchen remodeling


windows & doors




room extensions

enclosed porches

repairs to existing structures

and...much more!

Our team is fully committed to each remodeling project from start to finish. Safety is our first priority. We make sure your home is fully protected from all safety risks and potential hazards during the home remodeling process.

Excellent Craftsmanship & Customer Service

Efficiency & Unequaled Commitment to Quality!

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